I am pleased to report that the Rotary Club of Batavia team (Dan Hoefler, Avery Scheetz, George H. Scheetz) finished in a two-way tie for 7th place with 39 points (out of 50). A total of 31 teams participated in this year’s Trivia Bee.


Avery, as the team’s alternate member, filled in for Dick Larson, who arrived just after the Trivia Bee started. By the rules of the Trivia Bee, he could not trade places without Avery without disqualifying the team. Nonetheless, Dick stayed for the whole event and seemed to enjoy himself—and even won a desk set in the silent auction.


The tie, ironically, was with the Rotary Club of Geneva.


The overall winner was the Duukes and Duuchesses (Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva). Note the pair of U’s in each word; the team called itself the ooh-oohs.


There were a total of four Rotary clubs in this year’s Trivia Bee, listed here in order of finish:—


7 (tie) (39 points)—Rotary Club of Batavia (no team name)

7 (tie) (39 points)—Rotary Club of Geneva (no team name)

13 (tie) (31 points)—Rotary Club of St. Charles (no team name)

13 (tie) (31 points)—Rotary Club of St. Charles Breakfast (Counts and Countess)