UPDATE: Our contractor has reported that we collected 5,922 pounds of paper. That's just shy of 3 tons! And, that doesn't include the 100's, if not 1,000's of batteries, the many boxes of books, a guitar, flute, alto sax, and accordion. Thanks again to all who made this event a success. We look forward to doing it again.
Under the able leadership of our Environmental Chair & President-Nominee Teri, we can confidently say that our first public shredding event was a success. We estimate that we served over 150 cars during the 3-hour event. A team of 10 Rotarians, 4 Interactors, 4 family & friends, 2 Kane County Sheriff Officers, and 11 Sheriff’s Explorer Post members helped make this a memorable morning. In spite of the rain! We think this could become an annual event. Thank you to all who worked hard to provide this valuable service.