Marcie Lucas joined Rotary in February 2022. She had been invited to speak to the club in her role as Foundation Coordinator for Fox Valley Special Recreation Association. She researched the club prior to her visit and liked what she learned. Marcie decided to join the club after her visit and immediately became engaged. So, what convinced her to join? Marcie loves Batavia and immediately saw Rotary for what it is. Rotarians care about their community and work to have a positive impact on everyone. Marcie says, “This is a diverse group of people who share common values while valuing their differences.” There are many things she likes about the club. It is a great way to meet people and make new friends, share values, and make a huge impact on the community. She also appreciates the flexible attendance requirements that allow her to focus on her work while still being a contributing club member. One of the first people Marcie recruited was her husband, Mark. Mark is now our Environmental Committee Chair. Marcie and Mark are one of three couples in our club. Marcie shared that Rotary is the place to be if you want to make an impact and have fun while you do.
Bob Hubbard joined the Rotary Club in 1985 and is one of our longest serving members. Bob was raised in Batavia, attended Wartburg College after high school, and was drafted into the Army. He worked in D.C. after service. Bob eventually returned to work at Hubbard’s Ethan Allen. The store had been in Bob’s family since 1910 and Bob ran it until he retired. He was invited to join Rotary by then member Dave Moyer shortly after he returned. Bob thought it would be a great way to re-engage with the community and meet some new neighbors, and he’s still active in the club 37 years later. We asked Bob why a member would stay with the club for so long. Bob responded that he enjoys the weekly programs, learns a lot about the community, and has met some really nice people. Add the opportunity to give back to the community and enjoy the power of a group effort, and you have an impactful combination. Bob also mentioned that he has enjoyed board opportunities at area Not-for-Profits and other commercial board opportunities due to his involvement with Rotary. We asked Bob how the club has changed over the years. He responded “Rotary was more of a social group in 1985. We have evolved into a service organization with projects that truly impact our community.” He added that “Everyone has a calling. A group like Rotary makes it easy to answer your call.”