Last week, with the help of the Batavia Rotary:
1. 20 Batavia kindergarteners spent their afternoons learning and engaged with their peers at full-day kindergarten - instead of staying at home for ½ a day, while their peers with deeper pockets enjoy a finer education. 
2. 2 Batavia High School Graduates planned their first trips back home for Thanksgiving – enjoying a semester of school paid in part by a Rotary scholarship
3. A Kane County CASA child appeared in court, supported in part by funds from the Rotary.
4. Families fighting to make ends meet, worried less about stocking their cupboards as they loaded their carts with food and sundries at the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry
5. The 4,000 residents of Armenta, Honduras drank and bathed in clean, fresh water every day – instead of twice a week.
6. In Haiti, relief workers slept and ate under the security of one more Shelter Box.
7. People from mountain villages in Guatemala trekked down their mountain because for the first time, medical care including an x-ray machine was waiting for them.
8. Children and adults across Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan received the latest vaccine for the two remaining strains of the Polio virus.
This year:
1.One more at-risk youth enjoy a supportive and hopefully life changing experience at Royal Family Kids Camp 
2. 5 Interacters discovered more about their leadership potential over a weekend at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp
3. After years of struggle and failure, 40 Special Needs children experienced the thrill and independence of learning to ride a bike for the first time in the Fox Valley Special Recreation “Lose the Training Wheels” camp.
4. Children from families bent, but unbroken, listened attentively to the recorded voice of their mother, reading a bedtime story from a county jail – helping to minimize the effect of incarceration on family bonds. 
5. Hundreds of high-schoolers who knew the events of 9/11 only as a paragraph in a history book, listened to, and absorbed the emotion of the first-hand account of Pentagon survivor Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis.
We even contributed toward Batavia entertainment with our:
1. Donation to the fireworks
2. Sponsorship of the River Rhapsody outdoor Concert Series
Whether you bought a ticket – sold a ticket – helped to get the word out – or donated your time in any way, I believe with all my heart that we did so much more than help to achieve $100,000 in sales. We joined in an effort to make Batavia a warmer place to live, a more caring environment in which to raise and educate our children, a safer haven for those in need. When residents see that, and feel that, they become neighbors and we become a community. It feels nothing short of wonderful to be part of a club and a community that transforms money into something so immeasurable.